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TvangsForsk is the Norwegian Research Network on Coercion in Mental Health Care.

Unfortunately, our website is currently not available in English. This page provides a brief introduction to the network. Please contact us directly if you have further questions about the network.


About TvangsForsk

The networks main goal is to stimulate research activities and develop new knowledge on the use of coercion in Norwegian mental health care. We hope to achieve this by:

• Establishing arenas and networks for those interested in coercion research.

• Contributing with advices and assistance in the process of developing good ideas into realistic and feasible projects.

• Developing a website with updated information and resources relevant to coercion-related research.


Target group

The network is open for anyone who wishes to take part in research on coercion in mental health care, or for those already engaged in research projects on coercion.



Conferences and workshops
We arrange an annual national conference emphasizing specific coercion related topics of interest to researchers and others. We also arrange workshops at request from those interested in a specific topic related to coercion in mental health care.


Project funding

The network provides funding for project development. The idea is to help researchers develop a good research question into a sound research protocol, in order to apply for project funding from the ordinary research funding agencies in Norway or the EU.


Research forum

Researchers who are actively engaged in coercion research are invited to meet 1-2 times a year to discuss the status of this research field, methodological questions and develop new research projects. The meetings address specific topics at each gathering, and are open to researchers interested in the field or the actual topic.


Web-based resources

Our webpage provides several resources which hopefully are useful for persons interested in the field of coercion.  Among these you will find:

• Literature overview
• Research tools
• Overview of conferences and seminars
• Research  topics and priorities
• Overview of ongoing projects
• National statistics on the use of coercion
• Relevant news

Examples of research projects developed in collaboration with us

Community treatment orders (TUD-project), focusing on mandatory community treatment
Health care region North and Health care region South-east.

Decision on coercion – dilemmas and decision-making processes
Vinderen DPS

Mental health services, ethics and coercion
Centre for Medical Ethics, University of Oslo

Development of instrument to measure perceived coercion during treatment episodes
Unit for  research on health services, A-hus

How is TvangsForsk organized?>

TvangForsk is located at the Department of Community Medicine, University of Tromsø. We are financed by the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs, initially for the period 2009 – 2013.

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